we are the (re)generation.

upholding nature

the regeneration charter is a manifesto to unite mankind around one common goal: to create conditions conducive to life (Biomimicry 3.8 + the Biomimicry Institute).  Anyone from decision makers and political leaders, to multi-national and social enterprises, as well as regular ol' homosapiens can sign the Charter in declaration of their dedication to the sentiments put forth in this Charter.

sustainability is no longer about sustain-able design, as it has grown and evolved into cyclical, net-positive thinking, just as our natural world has been doing since the beginning of time. we have organically come into this new era of design thinking and innovation.

as we collectively evolved away from "going green" to "sustainability" and eventually "cyclical" and "regenerative" (net positive) thinking, many envisioned ways to re-new, re-design, re-think and re-imagine our world. as such, we are the (re)generation.

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words to design by.

our world has shifted, a new paradigm has emerged, and with it a new lexicon, as well as a new path for us to follow in which life - human and non human alike is cared and planned for and with. nature’s wisdom is the most powerful and sustainable natural resource we have yet to tap and fully explore.

grounded by physics (no pun intended) and rooted in the depths of time, nature's strategies offer us a path to “seeing nature as our mentor, rather than a warehouse of goods” (Janine Benyus). her “valuation” is priceless and shareholder return, infinite.

let us endeavor to create conditions conducive to life and write a new story of hope for our species, for our planet, and with our planet-mates.

about the author.

as founder of the BiomimicryNYC regional network, and with 12 years experience as a grassroots non-profit director, social enterprise consultant and corporate sustainability adviser, I am dedicated to co-creating a community that will scale the practice of biomimicry.

as part of the Biomimicry Institute’s communications team, I work to spread the latest in nature-inspired and mentored design challenges, innovation as well as network building and educational opportunities across the globe.

with 3.8 billion years experience in regenerative design, I believe nature is the original social entrepreneur - a powerful natural resource we can look to for wisdom and mentoring. nature's principles of good design compel us to take an integrative, top-down and bottom-up approach to solving our world's greatest environmental and social challenges.

but without a common, global vision, what are we all working towards? it is my sincere hope that this Charter be iterated upon and developed in partnership with nations, businesses and individuals who are committed to life-centered thinking and helping to envision and define how we can move forward as a species - as nature - as one people, and one Earth.

we are nature.

~ Adiel Gavish

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